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Mark Me UP, Scotty! Wine Bottles on Stun.

Mark Me UP, Scotty! Wine Bottles on Stun.

I recently had an extraordinary experience.  I am only now able to begin to understand what happened when I had a close encounter of the thirst kind.  It was so beautiful at the outset when I was awash in a sparkling splash of white, and I was feeling so comfortable, enjoying the cool weightlessne

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Keep it Cool!

Keep it Cool!

It's oh so easy to get carried away with summer fun, and fall prey to certain perils.  We can go overboard and get cooked having one too many, or get further cooked by then spending too much unprotected time in the sun...what could be worse?  Leaving our wine in the sun to get cooked and leaving u

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Don't Settle for Less!

Don’t Settle for Less!

Getting the low-down on what wines to look for, which to avoid, and which stir up enough controversy to make it worth a try in either case...this is a major upside of following online wine resources, in the form of individual wine bloggers.  Much as I dislike the term 'blogger' for its clumsiness,

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