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PA Vin-sanity?

PA Vin-sanity?

Just another reminder about how good we have it here in VT when it comes to selection in general and the process of buying wine.  Pennsylvania is notorious for being one of the most obstructionist states in the union with regards to the purchase of the vino.  The state of PA acts as the sole distr

07.22.2010| Press Notes | todd

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KIllington Wine Festival  - taste with a view

KIllington Wine Festival - taste with a view

Got an invitation to attend the trade session of the Killington Wine Festival Grand Tasting at 4,241' and so I ran up to the mountain with the mission to try some bubblies, and look for white wines that are not normally on radar.  The event is organized by the Killington Chamber of Commerce, and th

07.18.2010| Media Reviews, Press Notes, Taster, Video | todd

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Vina Borgia - Ahead of the Curve... & Wine List Awards

Vina Borgia - Ahead of the Curve… & Wine List Awards

Having dinner, enjoying a nice quality, inexpensive wine that I found at a tasting of Spanish wines back in March.  Lo and behold...checking out the issue of the Wine Spectator, that just arrived, and there it is among the "Best-Buys".  Nothing like a little palate validation...I had already order

07.15.2010| Press Notes, Taster, Video | todd

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Busy Stretch…

The last few weeks have just flown by, and we've been as busy as the bees who are hovering in the clover that is dominating the pasture. This post will likely morph in the next several days as we fill in the details. The first weekend of the month we did vineyard prep with the help of a local Bobc

07.3.2010| Press Notes, Video | todd

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