Sweets for the sweet

December 23, 2009

During the same mealtime that we enjoyed the Montes Folly 2005, we started off with a pleasant Moscato D’Asti we picked up at our favorite Italian food store in Venice, FL.

Angelo’s Italian Market - no web site but a Google listing and reviews HERE

Now serving sit down meals, Angelo’s is a great place to find high quality food stuffs and wine from the old country.  A conversation in broken English and Italian leads me to believe they even import some of the wine themselves.  Very nice family operation.  We only visit once or twice over the holidays, but each year they recognize my wife, brother, and I when we walk in….and they ask about our grand parents.

I got the Moscato because I thought it would be a nice way to either start or finish the meal, and I know my Grandmother enjoys it.

Sweets from Vermont Wine Media on Vimeo.


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