Successful Beer and Wine Making Supplier duplicates VTWM personality?

February 12, 2010

Imagine our amazement when our wine making buddy Tony Velturo asked if I had been to the E.C. Kraus wine making supply web site lately…and if we knew my doppleganger was on the front page?  What?  Sure enough.  Now we know that some people are excited about this project we’ve started, and that others think it is a great idea…I’ve even been recognized and introduced in our neighborhood as “The wine guy”, but who knew that the energy would spread so fast, and that the big players would want to get in on our action.

OK…maybe there is no duplication…maybe we just have an “in” look, in common.  E.C. Kraus is a purveyor of many items to supply the home winemaker/brewer and it is certainly worth checking out their site, and getting a copy of their catalog.  As with all suppliers in this market, their prices are better than others on some items, and not as good a deal on others, so comparison shopping is always a must.  That said, they are pretty much a one stop shop if you are trying to consolidate your ordering.

Tony and I have both done business with them and they are extremely reliable and professional. They were very courteous and helpful the one time, when I had a back order on a three bottle filler, that pushed a time line boundary, and I had to cancel. Tony frequently visits their web site as they also have helpful wine making information, which is why he was so surprised to see a familiar face there.

you decide!

Original or Copy?
Original or Copy?


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