Deep Blue Pit Stop

January 15, 2010

Deep Blue Sushi - JFK

Had to leave VT on business and head back down to FL for a few days…it’s been cold down there but without the snow. Bad news for all of the fruits and vegetables, but for what it is worth there are very few grapes at risk…

Whenever we travel by air from VT, Jet Blue out of Burlington has been our preferred air travel provider.  Reasonable ticket prices, access to destinations from VT, new air planes and friendly flight crews are many of the reasons we make this choice.

The real reason is a simple one…food.  Airline travel can be a culinary tragedy in most cases, but we always look forward to catching a bite at the Deep Blue Sushi in the JB terminal of JFK.  Most of our flights hub through JFK and there we can count on a reliably good repast.   The fish is always fresh, and the service very quick.  (A little slower this time but the server seems new).  For a number of years, I would go for a Sapporo with my pieces, but the JB terminal renovation has brought some interesting upgrades to wine menu.
Turns out, after a bit of research, that this was a very conscious choice as covered by an online article in the Wine Spectator.  According to this, the entire 400 wine list for the Jet Blue terminal can be found at the URL . I did not find it myself, but the article is over a year old and that may be a factor.

This time I chose the Alois Lageder Pinot Bianco ‘07 from Alto Adige.  I had the good fortune to meet the northeast rep for this brand at an event this past summer…I wanted to see how the bianco fared several months later.
At first impression it came across a little flat…aroma restrained, and although there were notes of lemon and other citrus on the palate I was a bot disappointed.  However, once the seared scallops and potato gyoza arrived, the glass started to wake up and the fruit became much more apparent.  When the hamachi sushi (yellow tail) appeared, it was a whole different story.  The hamachi was super shiny fresh, and oh so sweet…the acids in the bianco came completely alive, and left a long lingering white pepper spice, even after I had paid the bill and was walking to my gate.
In VT the Alois Lageder wines are distributed by Calmont Beverage…ask your local retailer, and ask about their zweigelt rose.

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