North Country Harvest 2012 Complete - PHEW!

October 3, 2012

vermontwinemedia_harvest_handThe last few weeks have been busy ones, and I would apologize to the dozen or so of you who read this blog, for not posting much this September, except that I had most of you slaving at destemming, crushing, and pressing the whole time, while subsisting on bread and water… OK, so there was some cheese, olives, prosciutto, and wine as well, but you get the picture.  To insure you get the picture, here are a few of the snapshots that I managed to catch, without gumming up the lens with grape juice.  We have some video clips of the action, as well as the awesome views that surround a Lake Champlain Valley grape harvest.

There were three separate pickings between September 10th and September 29th, with all ofvermontwinemedia_lagaragista_lacrescent the crush pad crew and wine club help required to process the fruit as quickly as possible and get it safely bubbling away in the fermentation vessels.  Lucky for us the weather was favorable, dry, not too warm, and we were sustained in the vineyard by some excellent edibles.  The first harvest was here in Vermont, up in Vergennes and Addison where I helped my friends at la garagista bring in a little bit of the reds Marquette and Frontenac, as well as a whole load of our fancy white La Crescent. I took some of that fruit, and we warmed up on that before the larger harvest at the Cornell trial Vineyard in Willsboro, NY.

Over the next two weekends, just a handful of us brought in the bulk of the Willsboro crop, and I loaded up over 1600 pounds of grapes that folks in the neighborhood helped to deal with when I got back home.  In that beautiful little plot overlooking Lake Champlain, we worked fast, avoided the bees and wasps, took a lot of data with the fruit, and even fit in a tasting of 2010 wines from the very same vineyard.
This year we’ve got: the previously mentioned cult white La Crescent, my pet favorite red Leon Millot, it’s sister seedling Marechal Foch, the snappy Frontenac Gris, the lemon and saline LaCrosse, the funky girl Petite Amie, lovely Lousie Swenson, and my go to blending white for bubbly ES-6-16-30 which I am officially going to start referring to, as they do in Finland, Adalmiina.

2012 was a fantastic ripening year.
I see a red blend, a rosé, and another blanc des blancs bubbly coming down the pipes.


Thanks so much for the crush help again this late summer/fall, and for the vineyard folks who work all year long to make the harvest possible.


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