Wine from Algeria?

February 12, 2010

domaineelbordiI ask it again…wine from Algeria?¬†¬
A co-worker of mine had remembered enjoying Algerian wines when traveling there during her university years, and had been looking around to see if there were any avaialble in the US.¬† Evetually she did find some through Grand Wine & Liquor, which is an excellent wine and spirits shop in Astoria, Queens.¬† I’m familar with the place as that is where the wine was purchased for the wedding of some Queens¬†friends this summer.
OK so she found some, but why might one want to go looking for such a thing?  How does Algeria fit ito the world wine scene? 

These days the role is not so prominent, but the history of wine in that part of the globe preceded the Roman civilization.  In the 19th century, the wines of Algeria fille the hole in the European market created by the devestations of phylloxera, and in the years before WWII, Algeria had a significant part in volume of wine traded on the international market.

Domaine El Bordj

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