Austrian Wine Month Finishing Up

May 27, 2013

austriawinesignageThe month of days between May 8th and June 9th in this year of 2013, has been a celebration of Austrian Wine, sponsored internationally by the Austrian Wine Marketing Board, and locally by Vermont’s own Austrian Wine importer /distributor, Artisanal Cellars.  A number of events have already taken place around the state, and a few more are scheduled to wrap up the festivities.

This weekend there will be a couple of more Austrian Wine tastings: Friday (4-6PM) in Norwich at Norwich Wine & Spirits, and Saturday (3-6PM) at The Wine & Cheese Depot in Ludlow.  Thursday evening, (May 30th ) a very special welcome dinner will be served at the Common Man in Warren, in honor of Anton Bauer, maker of some fantastic and affordable wines.

We’ve posted a number of times before about how much we enjoy, and are fans of Austrian Wine, but the truth is, we are not alone.  All over Vermont, the hills are alive with the sound of corkscrews pulling, screw caps cracking, and sekt bottles popping because the Green Mountain State likes it’s Austrian Wine.  So much so, that we actually earned a visit from the first man of Austrian Wine himself, Willi Klinger.  Willi led us through a wonderful seminar tasting, at Simon Pearce on Monday May 13th.

In between his stops in San Francisco and New York City, Quechee, VT does not exactly fit in with the rest of his itinerary of international cities: Munich, Paris, London, Oslo, Hong Kong, Tokyo…  Why then the stop in this quiet little spot? Because in aggregate, our little state of Vermont purchases enough Austrian Wine, to resemble those “larger” markets on the spreadsheets.  As Willi said, he thinks that we have some very similar cultural underpinnings with Austrians, such as small family farms, farm to plate concepts, and great cuisine, which create a natural affinity for these kinds of wines.

If you are available to make it to one of the final events, please do so.  If you miss your chance, I’m willing to bet that you’ll see a number of Austrian Wines being served up at Vermont summer wine festivals in the coming weeks.  And, you can always look for bottles with the red and white seal of quality approval.

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