Holiday Follies? - Montes Folly 2005

December 23, 2009

We’ve grown accustomed to the response at big family holiday gatherings…we spent more than $12 on a bottle of wine ( a 750ml to boot, sometimes referred to as the half-bottle in our family), and there is the expected holding of heads, clutching of hearts, and gnashing of teeth.  We also know the perils of sharing special bottles in an uncontrolled crowd where ice cube users and impromptu blenders roam.
( Check out Kahuna’s take on holiday wine choices  ) of
Christmas time is usually a safe time to break out some nice bottles that the folks or grand parents would never think to buy.  It actually a very gratifying experience to share and  see people enjoy something that they find so rare and luxurious.

The Montes Folly is just that…luxurious.  A brooding bramble and anise nose, silken tannins, and an evolving  finish that actually begs you to wait a bit longer before the next sip. 

Dad said that he is not a fan of Shiraz, and could not understand shelling out the money for such a bottle.  First I explained that, yes Syrah and Shiraz are the same grape, but that there is often a stylistic wine making difference in the name distinction.  Not exactly convincing…
It’s from Chile…a look of interest appears.
It’s special for the holidays…OK, he’ll give it a try…and he was the first one looking for a refill.

Thanks for the great deal on this and other wines that we ordered from Wine Library.
It would have been a serious hassle to try and bring special wine down with us, or to find what we were looking for in Florida.  The kind folks at Wine Library did their fantastic packing job as usual, were timely in the shipping, and we had a case of wine for gifts and consmuption waiting for us at grandma’s house.

montes folly 2005

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