Las Uvas Rojo Se Viene! (The Red Grapes Are Coming!)

May 11, 2010

Ferment is chugging along, and just about to do a late night punch down…son need to draw off a bit for the late summer rose party.
Finally figured out based on the grape container labels that the uvas came from an area of the Curico called Sagrada Familia, the “sacred family”.
Specifically from the vineyards of Vina Correa

It’s time to mobilize the team, give the equipment another hose down, and put out the call for the hand-destemming reservists here in the neighborhood.  We’ve looking at about 250 lbs. of Carmenere, and about 125 lbs. of  Cabernet Sauvignon, and the same for Malbec as well.
OK so they are not huge volumes, but I can guarantee that they will keep us busy for a few hours at least.

While most northern hemisphere home winemakers are bottling their whites and racking their reds this time of year (we are doing that too ) not many are getting ready for CRUSH, but due to a globalization revolution, that’s exactly what we are doing this week.  We got the word yesterday, that our several hundred pounds of Chilean wine grapes, will be available at the loading dock of the regional market in Hartford, CT this Saturday.    Last year the fruit quality was fantastic, and low-intervention wine making practices produced a medium weight Carmenere.  Post fermentation maceration was limited, and very little oak exposure mean that this Joven is just now ready for sharing at the crush party.

We are very interested to see what we’ll be looking at this year.  The folks at M & M Produce have said that they are blown away by the grapes, which have previously come in and out-shined the autumn shipments from CA.  This year we are 12 days behind last year’s delivery, but I’m not so concerned, because based on what little info I could get from the region, many folks delayed harvest for at least a week to ten days.  When you don’t have to worry much about Autumn rains in Chile, this is an option that some other wine growing regions of the world, would rejoice to have.
Crush will be Saturday late-afternoon and into the evening, let me know if you’ll be in the neighborhood.


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