Northern Harvest Approaching

August 31, 2010

Reports from folks we have spoken to and visited with, confirm all suspicions that we’ve had an excellent ripening season, and that fruit will probably be coming in early this year, provided that we do not have any soaking rains that would postpone harvest.  We continue to be a couple of weeks ahead of schedule, and Brix numbers beating out previous years.

Just as a quick indicator, Kevin Iungerman from the Cornell Extension service sent around some data about the test vineyard where we volunteer.
Accumulated Heat unit levels:

8/26/07   -  1876.2

8/26/08   -  1796.9

8/26/09   -  1221.7

8/26/10   - 2135.8

Holy Cow!  That does explain why some folks are looking at harvest in just a couple of weeks, somewhere in the middle of  September.  We are getting our supplies organized, re-cleaning equipment, and warming up the press…

de Goya

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