Welcome to Vermont Wine Media, which is in its early stages of fermentation. Here is a quick little intro video, where we taste some of Vermont’s own Eden Ice Cider.

Uncovering everything that is going on in the Vermont Wine World is more than just a couple of people can handle.  We may be a small state but topography and meteorology can challenge our ability to connect sometimes.  If you have any interest in helping the mission of Vermont Wine Media, please make contact, well talk, maybe even raise a glass.  todd (@) vtwinemedia (dot) com   or use the coment form.  Cheers.

Vermont Wine Media is a well rooted brainchild, blooming on a dreamy vine, and nursed by numerous bottles of finely crafted and otherwise affordable wines, from the fruit of said vine. A world of beverages we enjoy, from their earthly origins in vineyards near and far, via the vats of vignerons, handled by wholesalers, laid out by local retailers and listed by restaurateurs…to the alchemy of kitchen gardens and back woods home-winemakers…we salute and explore wine culture in the Green Mountain State, our region, and beyond.

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  1. castello says:

    Did you see my post about the Riesling and Sylvaner grape hybrid on wltv?
    Great blog here.

    • todd says:

      Hey Castello, I meant to say thanks for visiting the site, but got lost in our WLTV conversation the other day. Vermont is a small state with a great resource of wine and food people, but a lot of them are relative secrets, and so it seemed like it was high time to use this medium to spread the word. I actually mentioned in a WLTV post quite a while ago, that I thought it would be great if we had correspondents all over the country, so that it would be easier to get the lo-down on a new place when traveling, or to help make travel decisions. Sure the wineries and sales tiers do their own courting, but we finally have the tools for a consumer’s eye view.

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