Sample Policy

Disclosure and Sample Policy

Disclosure Policy

Please be advised that VT Wine Media may occasionally receive samples of  wine, beer, saké, spirits, wine service tools, wine making equipment, books, food, and other related products. We may also sometimes participate in fact finding, journalist, and trade trips to visit retail shops, restaurants, vendor facilities, vineyards, wineries, and general wine production regions. It is always made clear to producers, vendors and suppliers that we are never under any obligation to actually review any of those items or the content of the excursions. While we endeavor to provide constructive feedback directly to the providers, should we decide to review those items, we are also under no obligation to say anything specific, whether positive or negative, about those items. Everything is solely at our discretion.


If you wish to send us samples of your products, please first contact us through email at to see if we would be interested in receiving your samples.  If you wish to contact us about attending food/wine events, including fact-finding, journalist, and trade trips, please first email us concerning the matter.  Unsolicited samples and event admissions may be accepted at our discretion, however we do advise that previous communication will increase the chances that your offer will be properly acknowledged.

Our shipping address is:
Todd Trzaskos - VT Wine Media
Green Mountain Commerce Center
768 South Main St.
PG Suite
Bethel, VT 05032
Phone: 802.345.3096

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