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I have personally been enjoying Chilean wine for 20 years, and since our wedding, have had a family connection there for 15.  This page is an extension of our original string of posts after the earthquake, and we’ll be keeping an eye on developments.

8/23/2010 - Faith, Hope, and Chilean Pride

Liz Caskey writes a touching piece about the 33 trapped miners, and when the news of their survival broke. 

8/19/2010 - Charting Chilean wine
Christopher Waters has some nice things to say about a recent tour to Chile, regarding the quality of the wines he found.

5/17/2010 - 2010 Southern Hemisphere Harvest Report

Rochester Business Journal:  Constellation to make donation to benefit residents of Chile

Constellation Brands has made a unspecified but significant donation to the Levantando Chile Project.


Vermont Wine Media Crush Party! - Our Chilean grapes arrived and are beautiful quality, numbers are great and fruit is delicioso!

5/11/2010 - Chilean wine beats two Bordeaux Premier crus in NY blind tasting

This is great news for the premium fine wine sector of the Chilean exports.  There are a number of  market factors that provide some obstacles to Chile’s desired move from “value” wines, to “premium” wines…but the quality has certainly been there for some time, and continues to increase.  Nothing like a little blind tasting press to help even the odds…

Alliance with Water Footprint Network and Fundacion Chile:
Concha y Toro, First Winery in the World to Measure its Water Footprint

Roughly, an old adage in the winery is, “It takes a whole lot of water, and a good amount of beer, to make great wine.”
Sure the vines need some water, but not as much as you would think…it’s the water used in processing and cleaning where the meter starts to really spin.
When we talk about conservation practices, in a company as large as Concha Y Toro, targeted analysis and efficiency measures could lead to enormous water resource savings.  This is only the first stage, analysis via footprint audit…let’s hope that they keep moving in that direction, and provide leadership in the global industry.


Had a call with the wine grape suppliers, was checking inventory of yeast, ML cultures, and enzymes…they said they’d gotten the call earlier, that the new arrival date is May 12th.  IF the load is available that day, AND we can pick them up, we crush in the evening, and cold soak for 48 hours…at least that’s the plan.


We’ve just gotten confirmation that our credit card has been charged a deposit for our order of Chilean wine grapes.
M & M Produce will only run that charge once the grapes are in transit, and so now the clock is ticking and we expect the fruit to arrive in the first week of May.  Last year it came on May 1st after a two week trip aboard ship in a refrigerated container.  The fruit quality was remarkable…

4/12/2010 - Wine production sector down 7.8% from 2009, earthquake has little impact.
we suggest Google Translate
It seems that even without the earthquake it would have been hard for Chile to top the prodigious numbers from the previous vendimia.

4/07/2010 - Press Release: American Estates bets on Chilean Imports to boost New World sales

4/05/2010 - Wine Industry Contributes to Chilean Relief Efforts


Our Chilean Wine Grape orders were confirmed today after a call to the M & M Produce Company in Hartford, CT.
Delivery this year is slated for the second week of May, which is two weeks later than last year.  More hang time? Longer time in transit? We’ll see in a few weeks.


Ramon Frexia’s Blog Catabuenvino: Vendimia 2010 en Chile, después de un cataclismo.


AllChile.Net: Forum thread following the status of the 2010 harvest.

Colchaguino Blog: Earthquake help in Colchagua


A big blackout, continued aftershocks, and yet the harvest goes on!

American Public Media - The Story:  The Chilean Crush (audio) - web page
great interview with Derek Mossman of the Garage Wine company.  I’ve been following these guys with interest for a couple of years.

Garage Wine Company:  blog in Santiago and the Alto Maipo heading south shortly. - reports from Moviemiento De Vinateros Independientes

Wines of Chile: News from Colchagua


CNN: Strong quakes rattle Chile within minutes

Another cluster of  ‘aftershocks’ have rocked Chile near the coastal region of Libertador O’Higgins just over an hour ago.  The USGS has registered the mags at6.9, 6.7, 6.0, 5.4, and 5.0 with spacing of only 15 -30 minutes between each.  Current USGS world wide 5+ r.s. reading, last 7 days.


Business Wire:  Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc. Leads Efforts to Help Chilean Wine Communities Affected by the Earthquake
‘Cinderella’ Valley Vintners May Go Broke After Quake
The whole story may be coming out for smaller wineries, which would be too bad since there has been a lot of great innovation being done with all of that high quality fruit.

Wines Of Chile: Puro Chile: “Levantando Chile” Earthquake Relief Event
Puro Chile in NYC



Banfi Vintners, America’s Leading Importer of South American Wines, Resumes Shipments from Chile

World Science: Quake moved whole city.

It’s clear that it is going to take some time before things are sorted out, and anyone has any idea what the total effect is going to be on the wine industry and how it will unfold.  What’s spilt is gone, the integrity of what remains needs to be cared for, and the harvest is coming in.  Will there be enough capacity to process the grapes? Will there be a change in demand on Chilean exports?   How is this tragedy a lesson for all fine wine growing regions?

We’ll dedicate a page to the rebuilding of the wine industry, the stories of friend and contacts down there, and how the aftermath will affect our options and the marketplace for affordable, high quality wine here in the US.

Chile needs help, and the best kind is that which allows Chileans to offer something in return. Thinking of traveling to Chile, or have friends heading there?  The EAT WINE Santiago guide is indispensible.


We moved from extending and updating a single post to this page.  Here
is the Original Post that we started shortly after news of the tremblor.

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