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When we moved into this old farmhouse, the cellar was so scary that my wife would not even go down there…
The details are best saved for another story, but the result of many diligent late night cleaning and carpentry sessions, is a place that she will now visit willingly.  It still has a long way to go, but it is at least functional, rather than frightening.  The basement has a bit of space dedicated to freezer and pantry, but the vast majority, aside from the house mechanicals, is our own little home winery.

OK, now I have done it…I may have taken the project too far.
I’d really like to make wine from local grapes.
There is a deficit of local grapes.
I should grow some local grapes…really local.
loco maybe?

Stage 1:
mow the hillside for a couple of years.

Stage 2:
drill some holes

Stage 3:
get some vines

Stage 4:
plant vines

Those were the easy parts. From here on out, we try to make really good friends with mother nature.

Vermont Winemakers Unite!  Is there any way we can organize ourselves to help define a market for locally grown grapes? I firmly believe that if we can provide a clear demand, it will be an incentive for others who are looking for a reason to grow grapes.

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