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We are doing our best to stay on top of the wine scene in Vermont and neighboring areas, and will list any event that we can, based on enough reasonable information.

Please visit our Vermont Wine Events Calendar in the Vermont Wine Resource Guide>>>

If you already have a connection with us please send us your event details by email.  Otherwise, we invite anyone with information about a local wine event, to please use the comment form below to get the ball rolling.  Thanks.

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  1. Tom Plocher says:

    Upcoming VitiNord conference devoted to cold and cool climate grapes and wines. International. 11-14 November. Check out the website. Will feature a workshop in which one of your own, Ethan Joseph, will team up two other great cold climate winemakers, Simon Naud from Vignoble La Bauge in Quebec and Rod Ballinger from Bear Creek Winery, Fargo, ND, to guide the audience through a tasting of Frontenac gris and blanc (Quebec), Marquette and Louise (Vermont), and Petite Pearl and Crimson Pearl (ND).

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