TasteCamp 2016 – #VT

February 20, 2016

This poor blog has suffered from neglect since the 2015 wine harvest, when a top-notch vintage was landing in bins and fermentation vessels all around the north country. Just as we were bringing in our own pickings, “Wines of Vermont: A History of Pioneer Fermentation” was published the kick-off for which took up some time, only to be followed up by more even awesome news…
TasteCamp 2016 is coming to Vermont, the first weekend in June.


We’d been dropping hints on the organizers for a couple of years now, so with our great beer reputation being joined by growing craftsmanship in cider, wine and spirits, Vermont’s offerings hit a critical mass.

Three dozen beverage and food writers will be convening in the Green Mountains to taste the goodness and gab with the good folks who are filling our glasses with innovative quality libations. We’ve been busy helping to put this weekend event together, and full details will be released soon. While this is primarily a self-funded trip for professionals, there will be a couple of public “producer market events” for civilians, and we will share those details as soon as we can.

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